iFlight Mach R5 Analog 215mm 5inch 6S BNF W/ RaceCam R1 Mini Camera/BLITZ Mini F7 55A stack/XING2 2506 1850KV motor for FPV



iFlight Mach R5 Analog 215mm 5inch 6S BNF FPV SPECIFICATIONS

Wheelbase: Bottom Plate

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Frame

Tool Supplies: Battery

Technical parameters: Value 2

Size: 215mm 5inch

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller

Recommend Age: 12+y

RC Parts & Accs: Antennas

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Mach R5 Analog

Material: Carbon Fiber

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Certification: CE

Brand Name: IFLIGHT


  • In response to our customer needs, this is our answer for all the racers in out there: The iFlight Mach R5 BNF!
  • Equipped with XING2 2506 motors for more torque and efficiency as well as high speed and consistent lap times.
  • Quick-swap arm assembly for easy repair on your flying spot or race day.
  • Enhanced canopy design with low wind resistance for maximum speed and efficiency.


  • Super durable design, 6mm arms and 7075 CNC middle plate
  • Super lightweight but superpower with our newest XING2 2506 motors


  • XING2 2506 1850KV motors
  • BLITZ Mini F7 V1.1 FC
  • BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 55A ESC
  • SucceX Mini Force 5.8GHz 600mW VTX Adjustable


  • VTX is set to 25mW by default! Power levels above 25mW require a HAM license or have to be approved by local authorities! Please ensure you’re flying legal frequencies and use our prepared Betaflight VTX tables according to your region.


  • Don’t worry about tuning, we did that for you already! A basic PID- and Filter tuning was applied for a great flight experience!
  • To restore lost tunes or updates, please check our linked article on“Firmware/Factory Dumps”
  • Angle-Mode (self-balancing level mode) is enabled by default to make sure your first flight doesn’t end in a mess!
  • Please check our linked article on“How to disable Angle-Mode, activate Acro-Mode”
  • GPS Rescue is OFF by default to prevent unwanted or unexpected drone behavior.
  • Please check our linked article on“GPS Rescue Mode // Setup”


  • August 2021:┬áRaceCam R1 Micro 1200TVL 1.8mm 14*14 changed to RaceCam R1 Mini 1200TVL 2.1mm 19*19
  • April 20, 2022: Before┬áSucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG FC changed to┬áBLITZ Mini F7 V1.1 FC.
  • May, 2022: Before SucceX Mini 50A ESC changed to┬áBLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 55A ESC

FRAME //´╝ÜMach R5

  • Wheelbase: 215mm
  • Main body dimension: 152*152mm
  • Arm thickness: 6mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2.5mm
  • Middle Plate thickness: 2.5mm CNC 7075 aluminum alloy
  • TPU Camera plate
  • FC: 30.5*30.5/25.5*25.5mm/20*20mm
  • FPV Cam:14mm /19mm Micro / 20mm
FC // BLITZ Mini F7 V1.1

Top Features:

  • BlackBox: 16MB
  • DJI Air Unit Plug-and-Play. No need to solder tiny wires.
  • BAT, +5V, 3.3, Start indicator
  • With LC filter.


  • MCU´╝ÜSTM32 F722
  • Gyro´╝Ü┬áBMI270
  • Baro: DPS310
  • Betaflight OSD´╝ÜIFLIGHT OSD ´╝łAT7456E)
  • Blackbox´╝Ü16MB
  • 5 X Uarts
  • UART1 for VTX HD/Analog
  • UART2 for┬á Receiver
  • UART3ŃÇüUART4 for GPS or 0ther sensors that require a serial port
  • UART6 for ESC Telemetry
  • 4├ŚDshot/PWMoutputs┬á
  • 1├ŚI2C┬á ┬á┬á
  • 1 xSH1.0 9pin connector for HD VTX/Analog VTX&CAM ´╝ł5V/BAT/G/VO/T1/R1 /5V/G/VI´╝ë
  • 1 xSH1.0 8pin connector for ESC´╝łR6/CUR/M4/M3/M2/M1/BAT/G)
  • 1xSH1.0 6pin connector for Any Receiver or DJI´╝ł3V3/R2i/5V /G/R2/T2´╝ë
  • 1xSH1.0 4Pin┬á connector GPS (T4/R4/G/5V)
  • 1xSH1.0 4Pin connector LED&Beeper (BUZ/LED/G/5V)
  • Smartaudio&IRCTramp┬á VTX protocol supported
  • WS2812ledStrip´╝ÜYes
  • Bepper´╝ÜYes
  • Firmware:┬áIFRC-IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F722
  • Mounting´╝Ü20*20mm/¤ć4
  • Dimensions´╝Ü30.5*27mm
  • Weight´╝Ü5.0g

ESC // BLITZ Mini 2-6S E55 4-IN-1 BLHeli32 ESC Specification:

  • Dimension: 35*42mm
  • Mounting Holes: 20*20mm/╬Ž4mm
  • Weight: 11.3g
  • Supports┬á2-6S┬álipo input
  • MCU´╝ÜG071
  • Constant: 55 Amps┬á
  • Burst: 60 Amps
  • Current sensor: Yes
  • BEC: No
  • Current rate: 100
  • Supports: DShot DShot150/300/600/MultiShot/ OneShot etc.
  • Firmware: BLHeli 32
  • Target:┬á┬á┬áIFLIGHT_BLITZ_G1

VTX // SucceX Mini Force 5.8GHz 600mW VTX Adjustable Specification:

  • Power: PIT/25/200/400mW/600mW
  • Antenna interface:┬áMMCX
  • VTX protocol : IRC Tramp
  • Output 40 channels
  • Size: 29*29mm
  • Mounting pattern:┬á20*20╬Ž3/25*25 mm╬Ž2
  • Weight: 4g

Mach R5 Analog Quad BNF Included Components and Parts

  • Prebuilt and tested Quadcopter
  • 1x┬áMach R5 Frame
  • 1x RaceCam R1 Mini 1200TVL 2.1mm 19*19
  • 1x Sigma┬áRHCP┬áIpex/UFL 5.8g┬áantenna
  • 2sets x Nazgul R5 3-blades (Set of 4 – Color may vary)
  • 1x┬á20*250mm┬áMicrofiber PU Leather Battery Strap (Color May Vary)



Related Article:

iFlight Mach R5  Review

┬áEvaluation Article: iFlight Mach R5 – Analog 215mm 5inch 6S BNF with RaceCam R1 Mini Camera/BLITZ Mini F7 55A stack/XING2 2506 1850KV Motor – Unleash Your FPV Racing Potential

The iFlight Mach R5 is a high-performance FPV racing drone designed to deliver adrenaline-pumping speeds and agile maneuverability. With its powerful components, advanced features, and durable construction, this drone is built to push the limits of FPV racing. Let’s explore the composition, parameters, features, advantages, and how to choose this type of product, along with operating instructions and frequently asked questions.

Composition and Parameters:
The iFlight Mach R5 is carefully engineered with top-of-the-line components to provide exceptional performance:

1. Motor: The XING2 2506 1850KV motors deliver outstanding power and efficiency, enabling impressive speeds and rapid acceleration during FPV races.

2. Flight Controller: The BLITZ Mini F7 V1.1 FC, powered by an STM32 F722 MCU, offers precise flight control, while the integrated Betaflight OSD (IFLIGHT OSD) provides real-time flight information.

3. ESC: The BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 55A ESC supports 2-6S LiPo input, delivering smooth and reliable power to the motors, along with advanced features like DShot and BLHeli32 firmware.

4. Video Transmission: The SucceX Mini Force 5.8GHz 600mW VTX with adjustable power options and IRC Tramp protocol ensures clear and reliable video transmission during high-speed racing.

Advantages and Features:
1. DJI Air Unit Compatibility: The Mach R5 is DJI Air Unit plug-and-play compatible, eliminating the need for complex soldering and making it easier to integrate with the DJI HD FPV system.

2. Compact and Lightweight: With a 215mm frame size, the Mach R5 strikes a balance between agility and stability. The lightweight design enhances maneuverability and allows for rapid changes in direction.

3. Advanced Flight Controller: The BLITZ Mini F7 FC with BMI270 gyro and DPS310 barometer ensures precise flight stabilization and altitude hold, enabling smoother and more controlled flights.

4. Blackbox and OSD: The Mach R5 features a 16MB Blackbox for recording flight data and an integrated Betaflight OSD, providing convenient access to critical flight information in real-time.

How to Choose This Type of Product:
When selecting the iFlight Mach R5 or a similar FPV racing drone, consider the following factors:

1. Racing Class: Determine the racing class you plan to participate in, such as 5-inch or 6-inch propeller racing. Ensure that the drone’s specifications match the requirements of your chosen racing class.

2. Performance Requirements: Evaluate the motor power, ESC capabilities, and flight controller features to ensure they meet your desired performance criteria, such as speed, agility, and responsiveness.

3. Video Transmission System: Assess the VTX power options, compatibility with your FPV goggles or monitor, and the availability of adjustable power settings to adapt to different racing environments.

4. Frame Durability: Examine the frame material and design to ensure it can withstand crashes and impacts, as well as provide protection for the internal components.

Operating Instructions:
To operate the iFlight Mach R5, follow these general instructions:

1. Battery Preparation: Connect a fully charged 6S LiPo battery to the drone, ensuring a secure and correct polarity connection.

2. Controller Binding: Bind your compatible transmitter or receiver with the drone following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

3. Flight Preparation: Choose a suitable location for flying, preferably an open area away

from people and obstacles. Ensure your FPV goggles or monitor is set up correctly, and the video transmission is clear.

4. Arm and Takeoff: Arm the drone according to your transmitter’s instructions, and gently increase the throttle to take off. Maintain control of the drone using the transmitter sticks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
1. Can I use the Mach R5 with the DJI HD FPV system?
– Yes, the Mach R5 is DJI Air Unit plug-and-play compatible, allowing easy integration with the DJI HD FPV system without the need for soldering.

2. What is the weight of the Mach R5 drone?
– The weight of the drone is approximately 5.0g.

3. Can I adjust the power output of the video transmitter (VTX)?
– Yes, the SucceX Mini Force 5.8GHz VTX offers adjustable power settings, including PIT/25/200/400mW/600mW.

4. Does the drone come with extra propellers?
– Yes, the Mach R5 includes two sets of Nazgul R5 3-blade propellers (four propellers in total). Please note that the color may vary.

In conclusion, the iFlight Mach R5 – Analog 215mm 5inch 6S BNF is a top-tier FPV racing drone designed to deliver exceptional performance and an exhilarating flying experience. With its powerful XING2 motors, BLITZ Mini F7 FC, BLITZ Mini E55 ESC, and SucceX Mini Force VTX, this drone is built to dominate the racing track. The plug-and-play compatibility with the DJI Air Unit simplifies the integration of the HD FPV system. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a thrill-seeking enthusiast, the Mach R5’s advanced features and robust construction make it an excellent choice for pushing the limits of FPV racing.




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ELRS 2.4GHz, ELRS 915MHz, TBS Crossfire Nano, Frsky R-XSR receiver, Frsky mini XM RX, without receiver


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