iFlight BLITZ Whoop 4.9G 2.5W VTX with MMCX Interface for FPV Parts


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Brand Name: IFLIGHT

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Metal

Recommend Age: 14+y

RC Parts & Accs: Transmitters

Size: 25.5×25.5mm

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Certification: CE

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Frame

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller

Tool Supplies: Battery

Quantity: 1 pcs

Technical parameters: Value 2

Model Number: BLITZ Whoop 4.9G 2.5W VTX

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage

Wheelbase: Bottom Plate



  • Built-in microphone

  • 4 Power levels up to 2500mW

  • The CNC cooling casing, along with an integrated cooling fan, offers a dual heat dissipation effect


  • VTX is set to 25mW by default! Power levels above 25mW require a HAM license or have to be approved by local authorities! Please ensure you’re flying legal frequencies and use our prepared Betaflight VTX tables according to your region.


  • Input voltage: 7V~34V

  • Interface: MMCX

  • Power levels: PIT/25mW/400mW/1000mW/2500mW

  • Channels: 8

  • Mounting pattern: 25.5×25.5mm/Φ1.6 

  • Dimensions: 50*30*16 mm

  • Lightweight: 32g

  • VTX telemetry: IRC Tramp

LED Indicator and Function Button

Power Button:

  • Press and hole for 2s: Enter or exit PIT mode, solid green light indicates entering PIT mode

  • Short press: Green light (output power): The number of LED flashing indicates the VTX output power. Short press to change output power.1 flash=25mW, 2 flashes=400mW,3 flashes=1000mW, 4 flashes=2500mW. 

Band and Channel Button

  • Short press: Blue(CH): The number of LED flashing indicate the channel 1 to 8. Short press to switch the Channel.


  • VBAT: 2-8S,7-34V DC Positive Input

  • GND: Negative

  • IRC: IRC Tramp Signal Input

  • Video in: Video Signal Input

  • Camera out: Camera video output

  • 5v out: 5v Voltage Output

  • GND: Negative

  • Camera in: Camera video Input

Package includes:

  • 1 x BLITZ Whoop 4.9G 2.5W VTX


  • Please read the instructions for proper wiring before use.

  • It is recommended that before switching on the power, make sure that the antenna has been installed, it can extend the life of the module.

  • It is recommended to ensure the correct voltage range and the correct positive and negative polarity before switching on the power to avoid burning the components.

  • Please keep enough space when you install the VTX to ensure air convection around the module for heat dissipation. Otherwise, the module will enable overheat protection and the power transmission will be reduced or even switched off.

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