AKK Alpha 10 10W VTX – 5.8GHz 80CH 10W 7W 5W 3W 1W Power Switchable FPV Video Transmitter Support Smart Audio



AKK Alpha 10 VTX Specifications

  • Input Voltage:¬†12-28V
  • Output Voltage:¬†5V
  • Channels:¬†80CH
  • Power:10W (1W/3W/5W/7W/10W¬†switchable)
  • Mounting Hole:¬†30.5*30.5mm
  • Connector:¬†SMA
  • Power Consumption:¬†12V-2.8A, 28V-1.1A
  • Weight:¬†48g
  • Size:¬†68*36*15mm

AKK Alpha 10 VTX Description

1w/3w/5w/7w/10W Power Switchable.

Support Smart Audio.

More intuitive LED nixie tube display.

Fan-embedded heatsink brings powerful heat dissipation.

Stable performance without frequency fluctuation.

AKK Alpha 10 10W VTX - 5.8GHz 80CH 10W 7 AKK Alpha 10 10W VTX

the VTX needs to add 3OdBm from the value shown by the spectrometer . rdqulrad Hext Pea 0B/ Uslan Alignnonts; n8su G Iea Ne=_ .

 AKK Alpha 10 10W VTX

The actual output power of the VTX needs to be increased by 30 dBm from the value displayed on the spectrum analyzer, which measures 5,844.95 MHz (Channel 94,495) at a frequency of 5.94495 GHz.


Package List:

Choise 1: 

1x AKK Alpha 10 VTX

Choise 2:

1x AKK Alpha 10 VTX

1 x AKK 5.8GHz 4.5DBi Tube Antenna 160MM 


AKK Alpha 10 VTX: Elevate Your FPV Experience to New Heights

Introducing the AKK Alpha 10, a cutting-edge Video Transmitter (VTX) designed to take your FPV adventures to new heights. Packed with advanced features and innovative technology, the Alpha 10 ensures a seamless and high-performance FPV experience.

Key Features:

  1. Explore Higher & Further: The AKK Alpha 10 empowers FPV enthusiasts to explore higher altitudes and cover greater distances, providing a thrilling and immersive flying experience.

  2. Built-in Fan and Mic: Equipped with a built-in fan and microphone, the Alpha 10 ensures optimal cooling for prolonged use and clear audio feedback during your FPV flights.

  3. All Components Protected Under Heat Sink: To enhance durability, all internal components of the Alpha 10 are safeguarded under a heat sink, offering protection against overheating and ensuring reliable performance.

  4. 4 Mounting Holes for Easier Installation: With four mounting holes, installation of the Alpha 10 is made easy, providing flexibility for various mounting setups and ensuring a secure fit on your drone.

    Frequency Bands and Channels:

    The Alpha 10 covers a wide range of frequency bands and channels, offering flexibility for different flying environments. From Band A to Band R, each band provides multiple channels for a customized and interference-free experience.

    Innovative Technology:

    Utilizing a 30dBm attenuator on the spectrometer, the Alpha 10’s actual data needs to add 30dBm from the value shown by the spectrometer. This ensures accurate power measurement and optimal performance during flights.

    Conclusion: The AKK Alpha 10 VTX stands as a testament to AKK’s commitment to innovation and quality in the FPV industry. Elevate your flying experience with the Alpha 10’s advanced features, robust design, and unparalleled performance. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a beginner, the Alpha 10 is designed to meet the demands of FPV enthusiasts seeking a superior and reliable VTX solution.

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