60W Anti Drone Device – 1.5Km Uav Tegenmaatregel Koffer Drone Equipment Anti DJI Drone Device Suitcase Drone Blocker Signal SHIELDING Drone




Model No. QBYteco-UAVJR
size 870*285*80mm
Weight 6.0KG
interference Frequency (can be customized) 1.5GHz (GPSL1) 1580-1620MHz 20W
2.4Ghz 2400-2460MHz 20W
5.8GHz 5720-5850 MHz 20W
Large interference Range 1000-1500Meter (FH frequency is 500-800meter)
Power supply AC220V-DC24V +8613337206938
Charging Time 4Hou {Built-in Lithium Battery)
Battery Last Working Time [1.5-2.0 Hour
T Built-in Battery 24V5A (External Battery can pe onered with extra cost)w
Work Temperature -22℃to+70℃
Whole Output Power 60W
Caution * The rising temperature is a normal phenomenon * This item should be targeted to the drone to be effective Full Set Packing 1pcs*Drone interference 1pcs*AC Adapter AfterSales Service * Immediate reply of customer question and requirement * One year warranty and lifetime technical support

Portable 1000-1500 meter UAV Drone Signal interference This drone interference can effectively force drone retum the take-of place or land in 1500 m range, at same time the drone can not transmit the photo and video to ground; or receive the ground control instruction. Application To avoid the rapidly emerging threat by UAV, our interference can be used in below recommend places: 1. Govemment: Prison; Court, Military, Police; other Law enforcement; etc 2. Infrastructure: Petrol Station, Oil Depot, Gas Station, Airport; Drug rehabilitation centers 3. Public&Events: SiadiaruEvenenfypfanfMeetings = etc Transportation: Portemarine, Superyachts; ect 5 . Detention Centers, School examinatian lihrarv etc), Theatre,Church; Hospital,etc Personal VIParilvacy,etc 7. Others UAV interference Function Force drone return to the take-off place or land Drone will be out of remote control, can not transmit the photo or video to the ground, either receive the ground control instruction Product Feature Easy to carry with light weight and non-slip holder Camouflage outshape as suitcase shape, counter reconnaissance 2. Durable and Heat-dissipation standard PP plastic Qutshell Large range up to 1000 to 1500 meter Ultra high output power to jam UAV fast in 3 to 5 second 5. Multi-Band Frequency 6. IPx65-waterproof level to resist terrible outdoor working environment Easy use everywhere with built in Iithium battery; lasts up to 1.5 hour siowIy Military


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