FrSky Tandem XE Tray Radio Transmitter 2.4G & 900M dual-band


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Building on the TANDEM series radios which apply simultaneous working 2.4G & 900M dual-band technologies, FrSky have released the much awaited TANDEM XE tray radio.  The XE is the largest form factor radio in the TANDEM series, developed to meet the needs of RC users who enjoy tray radio design, combined with the flexibility and quantity of switch inputs.  It’s stunning looks, together with its high quality build make it an obvious upgrade for the TARANIS X9E fans!


TANDEM XE has been designed with flexibility in mind.  It not only features multiple switch input slots for further extending the control needs, it also benefits from customisable switch blocks which can also be replaced with alternative blocks with more input slots. Additional design features have been included to meet the needs of wider RC user communities, for example controlling the forward and reverse movement of RC crawlers can be achieved by customizing the side All CNC metal levers with the optional self-centering type accessory.   Likewise using the optional 3-axis extenders mounted on the gimbals offers many possibilities when used with RC ground vehicles. The XE includes a foldable stand/frame which can be easily folded away in the bottom of the radio body, and its design also provides a good solution to attach the tray radio strap.


In order to save the user the trouble of deciding the storage capacity, TANDEM XE comes with a built-in 8GB flash storage that offers plenty of file storage to meet all of your radio’s storage needs, along with high data transmission speed. And for the users who are looking for a bigger battery capacity than the included XE 4000mAh Li-Po battery, the XE offers a bigger battery bay that can accommodate larger battery packs if needed.

• Carbon Fiber Center Panel + CNC Metal Panel 
• Modular Design | Replaceable Blocks with Customized Multiple Inputs
• MC11 All CNC High-Precision Hall-Sensor Gimbals with 10 Ball-Bearing 
—Adjustable 45° / 60° stick travel (Additional Travel Limiter Tool is required) 
—8° rotatable panel
• 6 Trims & 4 Retractable Knobs & 2 All CNC Metal Side Levers & 2 Linea Sliders
• Main Color Touch-Screen Display with Operating ETHOS
• Top Color Screen with User Configurable Data Display (such as by Lua)
• 6 Quick-Mode Custom Buttons
• Lite Type External Module Bay
• Fordable Radio Stand/Frame also for Attaching Radio Strap
• Built-in TD 900M/2.4G Dual-Band Internal RF Module
 Built-in Flash Storage: 8GB
• External TF card slot for storage extension
• Haptic Vibration Alerts and Voice Speech Outputs
• Supports Recharge System for 2S Li-ion Battery
• High-speed PARA Wireless Training System
• Big Size Battery Bay for the Battery Capacity Upgrade


● Dimension: 345*262*82mm(L*W*H)
● Weight: 1357g(Battery Excl.)/ 1492g(Battery Incl.)
● Operating System: ETHOS
● Internal RF Module: TD-ISRM
● Number of Channels: 24 channels
● Compatibility: ACCST D16 & ACCESS & TD receivers
● Operating Voltage Range: 6.5 ~ 8.4V (2S Li-battery)
● Operating Temperature: -10°C~60°C (14°F~140°F)
● Battery Bay Size: 86*61*20mm(L*W*H)
● Data Transmission & Charging Interface: USB Type-C
● USB Adaptor Voltage: 5V+0.2V, >2.0A
● Built-in Flash Storage: 8GB
● Main 4.3” Touch-Screen Display Resolution: 800×480
● Top 2.4” Color Screen Display Resolution:320×240
● Compatibility: ACCST D16 & ACCESS 2.4G & ACCESS 900M & TD Modes

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Glossy Black Panel, Black


mode1(right hand throttle), mode2(left hand throttle)




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