FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 HD DJI O3 2inch w/ SanDisk 128GB Sub250 4K/1080P cinewhoop




Warranty: six months

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p FHD

Type: Airplane

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Control: No

Recommend Age: 14+y

Plugs Type: XT30

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Material: Metal,Carbon Fiber

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Features: Auto Return,FPV Capable,GPS

Controller Mode: MODE2

Control Channels: 12 Channels & Up

Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount

Brand Name: FLYWOO

Aerial Photography: No

The CineRace20 O3 edition is currently the smallest cinewhoop of FLYWOO that is equipped with the DJI O3 Air unit module, measuring only 2 inch in size.
It features neon LED lights, offering a variety of color options for added fun during races or other events.
A specially designed GM10 Nano V3 GPS module is tailored to fit the CineRace20, providing minimal weight but the ability to search up to 30 satellites.
Use TPU soft material to prevent jelly effect. Pilots can quietly enjoy the fun of shooting a video without jelly 
This is a truly innovative duct design. It is designed to block certain winds, increasing the thrust of the drone. The duct completely surrounds the propeller, making flying safer. 

  • Sub250 (even with battery)

  • Support 4K60fps recording

  • GPS up to 30 satellites

  • No Propellers in view, NO Jello flight Footage, stable flight picture

  • Neon LED, various options. buzzer alarm

  • Built-in SanDisk Extreme microSD card 128GB

  • Innovative duct design

Specifications Ôľö

  • Model:¬†CineRace20 HD DJI O3 2inch¬†

  • Brand:¬†FLYWOO

  • Frame:¬†CineRace20¬†O3 (Different fromCineRace20 V1.2V2¬†frame )

  • FC and ESC :¬†GOKU GN 405S 20A AIO¬†

  • GPS:¬†GOKU GM10 Nano V3 GPS¬†

  • Buzzer :¬†5PCS Active Alarm Buzzer¬†

  • VTX: DJI O3 Air Unit

  • Camera: DJI O3

  • Propeller:¬†D51-5 51mm¬†

  • Antenna: DJI O3 antenna

  • Motor:¬†NIN V2 1203PRO 4850Kv¬†

  • Weight:¬†139g

  • Recommended Battery:
    Exploer 450mah 4S ( flight time  5mins ) 
    Explorer 750mah 4S ( flight time  6mins ) 

CineRace 20 LED O3
Double duct designÔľĆNew concept cinewhoop
Sub250 I 4k 1080p I GM10 GPS V3 I Neno LED 

Real Duct design
This is a truly innovative duct design. It is designed to block certain winds, increasing the thrust of the drone. The duct completely surrounds the propeller, making flying safer.

Super Compact Design 
CineRace is double duct design , not a simple guard . It can fly as flexible as a racing drone, and as stable as Cinewhoop. Flywoo’s classic compact design allows the CineRace20 and DJI O3 Air unit to be closely integrated.

Ultra-Light Weight Sub250
2 inch CineWhoop below 250g even if you connect with the battery, meet the current requested of FAA rules. It can fly as flexible as a racing drone, and as stable as Cinewhoop

Designing with a Focus on User Experience
Multiple careful designs, convenient for your daily use
Easy to adjust flight controller settings
Built-in SanDisk microSD 128GB
Easy to upgrade and read SD card function

Up to 30 satellites can be searched, making the rescue function more reliable. More assured flight, you can see the data of latitude and longitude, altitude, speed, distance

Race neon LED, Buzzer alarm
Allows you to control an LED light, turning it on or off as desired. It also offers a variety of color options, making it more fun to use during competitions or other events. (Changing the LED color requires soldering by yourself. If you can’t solder, it is not recommended to try)

No jelly Camera mount specially designed for O3 Air unit
Up to 10 km video transmission range, enjoy a crisp and smooth real-time view in your goggles, even in environments with interference. Enjoy 4K Stabilized Video with 155¬į Ultra-Wide Angle (Source DJI) Specially redesigned camera mount for O3 Air unit, pilots can quietly enjoy the fun of shooting a video without jelly

In the Box :

  • 1 x¬†CineRace20 HD DJI O3¬†

  • 8 x D51-5 props

  • 2 x Battery strap¬†¬†9x150mm 9x200mm

  • 1 x Set of screws

  • 1 x¬†SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 128GB

  • 1 x¬†90¬į USB Type-C¬†



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FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 HD Review

**FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 Neon LED Analog: A Stylish and High-Performance FPV Drone**


The FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 Neon LED Analog is an impressive FPV (First-Person View) drone designed to provide an exhilarating flying experience while capturing stunning aerial footage. With its injection-molded ABS/PC material and unique Neon LED design, this drone stands out for its durability, ease of use, and individuality. In this evaluation article, we will delve into the product composition, parameters, advantages, operating instructions, and frequently asked questions to provide a comprehensive overview of this remarkable FPV drone.

Product Composition:

The FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 Neon LED Analog is composed of carefully selected components that work together to deliver outstanding performance. The key components include:

1. Frame: The CineRace20 Frame Kit features injection-molded ABS/PC material, ensuring sturdiness and durability. With its easy disassembly and installation, the drone can be quickly set up or modified. The frame is fixed securely using two aluminum columns, providing stability during flights.

2. FC & ESC: Equipped with the Caddx Ant – 1200TVL 1.8mm FPV Nano Camera, the drone captures high-quality video footage with its impressive 1200TVL resolution. The compact size of 14x14mm makes it an ideal choice for the drone’s configuration.

3. Motors: The NIN V2 1203PRO 48500Kv motors deliver efficient power and exceptional performance. These motors ensure stable flight characteristics, low noise, and contribute to the drone’s long flight time.

4. Props: The Gemfan D51-5 propellers are designed to minimize propellers’ visibility during flight, eliminating jello effect and providing stable footage. These propellers offer a balance between thrust and efficiency.

5. VTX and Antenna: The drone is equipped with the vtx625 450mw VTX (Video Transmitter) for reliable video transmission. The Flywoo Circular RHCP 5.8Ghz Antenna ensures excellent signal reception, enhancing the FPV experience.

6. Battery: The drone supports the Explorer 4S HV 300mAh and Explorer 4S HV 900mAh batteries for optimal performance. These batteries are not included and need to be purchased separately.


– Weight: 93g (without battery)
– FC & ESC: Caddx Ant – 1200TVL 1.8mm FPV Nano Camera (14x14mm)
– Frame: CineRace20 Frame Kit
– Motors: NIN V2 1203PRO 48500Kv
– Props: Gemfan D51-5
– VTX: vtx625 450mw
– Antenna: Flywoo Circular RHCP 5.8Ghz Ant (UFL-Length: 115mm Tube 45mm)
– Battery: Explorer 4S HV 300mAh / Explorer 4S HV 900mAh battery (Not included)


1. Durable Construction: The injection-molded ABS/PC material used in the frame ensures sturdiness and durability, making the drone capable of withstanding crashes and impacts.

2. Easy Disassembly and Installation: The drone’s design allows for quick and hassle-free disassembly and installation. The frame is securely fixed by two aluminum columns, simplifying the modification process.

3. Individuality and Style: Pilots have the freedom to combine their favorite colors with the Neon LED design, adding a touch of individuality and style to their drone.

4. Flight Stability and Low Noise: The efficient power configuration and well-designed structure of the CineRace20

ensure excellent flight stability and reduced noise levels. Pilots can enjoy smooth flights and immersive FPV experiences.

5. Jello-Free Footage: The carefully selected components and propeller design minimize propellers’ visibility in the camera’s field of view, eliminating the jello effect and ensuring stable footage.

6. SMO Camera Support: The drone features its own power cable output specifically designed for SMO cameras. However, if using a GoPro 6/7/8 camera, an adapter cable needs to be purchased separately.

Operating Instructions:

1. Assembly: Carefully follow the provided instruction manual to assemble the drone components. Ensure all connections are secure and double-check the propeller installation.

2. Powering On: Connect the battery to the drone and power it on using the designated power button or switch. Ensure the FPV goggles or monitor is properly connected and receiving video transmission from the drone.

3. Flight Mode Selection: Familiarize yourself with the different flight modes available on your flight controller. Adjust the flight mode to suit your skill level and desired flying experience.

4. FPV Experience: Put on your FPV goggles or use an FPV monitor to experience real-time video transmission from the drone. Familiarize yourself with the controls and ensure a clear video feed for optimal flying and video recording.

5. Flight Safety: Adhere to local regulations and guidelines for safe drone operation. Choose appropriate flying locations, maintain line-of-sight, and ensure a safe distance from people, property, and restricted areas.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: Can I use different propellers with the FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 Neon LED Analog?

A1: While it’s possible to experiment with different propellers, it’s recommended to use the Gemfan D51-5 props for optimal flight performance and compatibility.

Q2: Can I use other batteries with the drone?

A2: The recommended battery options are the Explorer 4S HV 300mAh and Explorer 4S HV 900mAh batteries. However, you may experiment with other compatible batteries within the recommended specifications.

Q3: How long is the flight time with the recommended batteries?

A3: The flight time can vary depending on factors such as flying style and payload. With the Explorer 4S HV 300mAh battery, the flight time can reach up to 12 minutes, while the Explorer 4S HV 900mAh battery can provide a slightly longer flight time.

Q4: Can I mount a GoPro 6/7/8 camera on this drone?

A4: Yes, you can mount a GoPro 6/7/8 camera on the drone. However, you will need to purchase an adapter cable separately to ensure proper power output to the camera.


The FLYWOO CineRace20 V2 Neon LED Analog is a stylish and high-performance FPV drone that offers durability, ease of use, and individuality. With its injection-molded frame, efficient power configuration, and jello-free footage, this drone is ideal for FPV enthusiasts who seek an immersive flying experience and exceptional aerial footage. By following the operating instructions and adhering to flight safety guidelines, pilots can fully enjoy the capabilities of this remarkable FPV drone. 




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